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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

sentosa yesterday (:

Friday, December 24, 2010

rapunzel. forgiving him.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

i. can. and. i. will.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

back today (:

Sunday, December 19, 2010

red face. had fun. i love the song.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

third day. half-way through. always on my mind.

Friday, December 17, 2010

no wi-fi. a hand on the shoulder.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

i. miss. you.

Monday, September 07, 2009

I am sad ): so very sad )):

so, i decided to surf yahoo and type "how to cheer someone up" into the search bar and clicked on the first result that came up.

the first step says: Make faces.
There's something called the "facial feedback hypothesis" which basically says that whatever face you make will affect how you feel. Usually, it works the other way around: if you're grouchy, you scowl; if you're happy, you smile; if you're surprised or scared, you open your eyes and mouth. But it's a two way street. If you want to feel happy and cheerful, force yourself to smile. Really smile. Hold that expression for 10 seconds. Repeat as needed. It's almost like engaging the "smile muscles" activates the "happy section" of your brain associated with smiling.

so, i tried. i raised the sides of my mouth and smiled for 10 seconds. and guess what? it's true! i did feel a little lighter. but just for that 10 seconds. ): my heart sank again after that.

the fifth step says: Be thankful.
Everyone has something to be grateful for. Make a list of the good things that have happened to you. If nothing instantly springs to mind, you aren't trying hard enough. If all else fails, think of how life could be worse, and flip the thought process to recognize what you do have. For example: You're flunking out of school. How could it be worse? You could not even have a chance go go to school. You could be at the end, rather than the beginning of the term. Then your thought process can turn into "Well, at least I have a chance to go to school, and I still have time to turn my grades around." Get a notebook and a pen, and write down all the good things that you have. Every time you are feeling negative, read through them and remind yourself that it's not all bad.

i am thankful that mayping is trying to make me feel better and telling me funny things to make me laugh, again. hahaha. yeah and i am thankful that yulong's laughing at me. but after that he was nice enough to tell me dont be sad, he scored low too, and we could be sad together.

the seventh step says: Forgive.
In addition to being thankful, it is also good practice to forgive those who have hurt you in the past. Sit in a quiet place with your eyes closed and concentrate on the people you want to forgive. Imagine you are sitting in a circle with those who have done you harm. See their faces in your mind, and take turns concentrating on each one of them individually. When you really feel connected to one of them, say out loud, "I forgive you". Ideally this routine is ended by forgiving yourself for things in your life that you regret or cannot control. The purpose of this exercise is to create serenity with feelings of peace and renewal. Note that you don't forgive others for their benefit (or because they deserve it); it's for your benefit, so you can put the past behind you and move on.

I forgive you, examiner. even though i do not remember your face. i do remember though, thinking to myself you look like the new potions master in the half blood prince. lol.

and lastly: Accept.
This concept, which is central to eastern philosophies like Buddhism, is based on the idea that the world is perfect just the way it is. There is much around us that isn't perfect.. and that's okay. We can just accept this state of affairs, and decide that we don't need our life to be perfect in order for us to cheer up. This is related to the point Be Grateful, above.

Do i accept that i'm an almost failure, that my 5 years of blood sweat tears hardwork and pure love for the music is worth only this much? not just yet. maybe in a few days.

and then as you scroll down that website, there's a warning at the bottom.
If, while making a list of the good things that have happened to you, nothing springs to mind, see a doctor! This is a possible indication of clinical
depression. Clinical depression can be medically treated, but left untreated can result in loss of job, friends or life.

ok. wow am i glad i can still think of good things. and now i can add this to my new list of things to be thankful for. that i'm not yet clinically depressed. congratulations, myself (:

Sunday, August 30, 2009

OMG. let me illustrate just how completely DEAD this retarded blog is. i was too bored and having a headache from staring at WR this entire afternoon, so i decided to come visit the blog and see what's left of it. so in the url bar, guess what i typed.


OMG i even forgot my own url lah! it's that pathetic! hahahaha.
ok, that's all.

oh yah! this morning i woke up and suddenly decided to open up my drawer and count how many programme booklets i've collected since sec1. and i've been to and performed in 42 CO concerts this past 5 years!

ok, this was random.i shall get back to staring at EoM now instead. and i hereby predict that this blog will resume it's dead status, and will not be revisited until many months later.

unless a miracle happens. LOL.
Byebye world!

Friday, July 10, 2009

omg. this has got to be like, my 3rd attempt to revive this blog. think it's gonna be yet another failure. HAHA. i just read kiayi's post which ended up appearing on facebook too, and i think i've lost 100% readership too. not that there were many to start off with anyway, so it doesnt matter haha. i like it like this too.

omg in this past month that went by, H1N1 surfaced, then went over 1000 cases in a blink of an eye, and now the world's decided to stop monitoring -.- they gave up. haha. while the world's been busy coping with the flu, they lost a king of pop. and then CTs are over too. and the week of SUPPOSED HOLIDAY is over too. and it's back to school next week with the LOUSY TIMETABLE.

omg this june holidays were the WORST ever. all my free days were spent studying. cant believe i actually STUDIED my holidays away. i really even brought notes to study during my holiday in tioman too!! i didnt even get to be a couch potato even for a day!! but in the end, CTs also still like that. i bet i'll just fail 2 papers and pass 2 papers.

and omg, we got our wish for school to close after CTs! haha ok, it didnt close, but school's out for senior high! or so we all take it to be, even though it's home-based learning. so i finally got to be my couch potato on monday! hahaha. but then i got a headache after so much tv, i decided that was the last time i'm gonna be a couch potato this year. heh.

wah and the timetable next semester is crazy for me lah! monday is SO SUPER LONG, with like no breaks in the afternoon until 615pm, with 2hrs of bio lab lesson right after mass pe! we're all gonna stink up the lab! and the specimens are all gonna die from our stink HAHA. and we have like 5 periods of GP tutorial in a day on tues. 2 periods in the morning, 3 in the afternoon. what's with that?! tuesdays are gonna be full of weirdness. and on the timetable it says our chem teacher is some mr/ms/mrs/mdm? tan jiaqi. omg where's mr soh?!!

RARRRR. it will really be monday blues from this week on.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ok that was such a bad attempt to revive this blog -.-

hai, senior high life is like, just full of studying. lucky i'm a retarded person with crazy friends, so i can find fun joy and laughter in the simplest things when we're NOT studying, even if it's not funny to a normal person. LOL.

and everything in the school is now finally open! the library is COOL, except that it's like super echo-ey. seriously, if a pin drops, it will sound throughout the entire library. when i was studying there last week, mr tan seng huat was like at the table in front of me. haha i know i very evil, but i was so hoping he'd just sneeze once. LOL. good conducive place for studying though.

the student lounge is now open too. haha omg it's so gonna be my favourite place to go! went there on monday before mass PE, we played taboo! screaming and laughing like nobody's business. damn fun. and i played pool too! ok, not play, but just tried to hit some balls. LOL. i managed to learn to hit them! next, learn to aim. haha.

the school field is open also. and it was crazy, the very first thing the teachers made us do to the running track was run 8 rounds on it!! rarr..

hai, and tmr is GP common test already. this is scary, it's the first 'proper' 'exam' we're having in 'JC' already. argh and my june holidays will be spent studying! this is the first time ever my JUNE hols are spent STUDYING can. usually it's like packed with real holidays and CO stuff. haha. ah but i guess it's better than december holidays where i do nothing but vegetate in front of the TV on the sofa. haha but that's not too bad either (:

ok, time to go revise a little for GP, though i have no idea what i can do. hai, and i feel like getting assessment books to do for maths and chem. then this will be the first time in 5 years i own an assessment book again. lol.

ahh.. hope i dont get a mental block tmr.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

omg i realised i'm quickly starting to forget things that happened! everytime i sit and think what happened on which day of the last week, i cant remember! so i've decided to continue blogging again to document my days. HAHA.

sounds like i'm dying or something. CHOY. but i think my memory is haha.

anyway, OMG JUNIOR HIGH SYF IS IN 6 DAYS! AHHH!!! damn scared for them lah! the fate of DHSCO is in their hands now! today during geog, we suddenly started talking about the cca's syfs and their results. then even ms aw said "wah if CO doesnt get GWH it'll be like D:".

hai.. dont say already.

ok, PI is due tmr morning, so i shall stop here and get started!

oh ya, i accomplished something today! i can now recite the alphabet backwards!! WHEE!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

this is a weird feeling.

i feel sad yet i dunno why. feel happy catching up with old time friends. feel busy doing admin work for CO, feel an1 wei4 that someone still cares for me. feel lazy that i dont want to do work yet. bu still feel pumped that i wanna get started on them.

ahh its just a mixture of a whole lot of things.

anyway, i've come to let if off here where no one sees HAHA. and i'm pretty much done anyway.

tmr got PE! and for PE tmr..

i'm like 85% positive i've grown lah. at least 1cm can. everyone i've asked (excluding friends) said yes that i've grown taller, and they seemed shock by it, so it must be true!

dont bother about friends, they're just in denial that people at 16+ still can grow, wahahaha.

aiya, but if i grow taller also, then that means my increase in weight is like, neutralised. O.o RARR!! i'm like finally forty.

nah, doesnt matter, what matters is my height increases LOL. even though i've like told myself a million times that i love to be short and am proud to be short. HAH.

but just, let me be in denial for one more day, before my height really shows tmr. LOL.

*fingers crossed*

Saturday, January 10, 2009

OMG the song has been killing me since the day of cca orientation exhibition. but now i've found the lyrics, so if it's gonna be stuck in my head, i can at least sing along! LOL.

Gake no Ue no Ponyo

po-nyo po-nyo ponyo sakana no ko
aoi umi kara yattekita
po-nyo po-nyo ponyo fukuranda
manmaru onaka no onna no ko

pe-ta peta pyo-n pyon
ashitte iina kakechao !
ni-gi nigi bu-n bun
otete ha iina tsunaijao !

ano ko to haneru to kokoro mo odoruyo
pa-ku paku chuggyutsu ! paaku paku chuggyutsu !
ano ko ga daisuki makkakkano

po-nyo po-nyo ponyo sakana no ko
aoi umi kara yattekita
po-nyo po-nyo ponyo fukuranda
manmaru onaka no onna no ko

fuukufuku iinioi
onakagasuita tabechi yao !
you kuyoku mite miyou
ano ko mokitto mite iru

isshoni warau to hoppe gaatsuiyo
wa-ku waku chuggyutsu !
wa-ku waku chuggyutsu !ano ko ga daisuki makkakkano

po-nyo po-nyo ponyo sakana no ko
gake no ueni yattekita
po-nyo po-nyo ponyo onna no ko
manmaruonakano genki na ko

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

i've finally found someone else who also looks up and admires the moon as they're walking.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

omg! you know what? my father actually went to put parental control on the internet here. so now when i'm online, every now and then i come across websites that i cant view cos it's being blocked. i thought, fine, maybe i wont need to see those websites..

when i came onto blogger, man i was so thankful this wasnt blocked. then afterwards, i realised the most horrific thing which makes no sense. my own blog was blocked! hello? my blog is like the cleanest sites ever?! most of it is in proper english and there are no profanities whatsoever. there's even a cute little monkey on the top! which is nothing obscene.

omg i blogged but i cant view my page -.- i guess blogger wasnt my main concern afterall.

RARR. this is the most pathetic thing ever.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

i've just rediscovered again why i dont really like the holidays. cos there's nothing to do! ok, there's always something to do, but nothing i really want to. so here am i complaining. LOL.

previously for all 15 years of holidays, all i've been doing is sit on the couch and watch tv for over 12 hours. really. and i only start on my homework on the first week of school when its usually orientation. HAHA. this year, though, there is no homework. ok maybe except one commonwealth essay i'm still trying to ignore. but anyhow, i've decided this holiday shall be different. no more tv. hmm no. not no more tv, there'll still be tv, i cant help it, but not 12 hours. maybe 5. HAHA.

bleargh can you believe it i've already read 8 books. lol maybe this holiday i can become from a couch potato to a bookworm. rarr. but i'm still so damn bored.

to prove that i'm so bored, i've actually gone online to search 'fun things to do at home'. LOL. and i found a list of 500 'fun' things to do, more like stupid actually -.-

some really normal ones included:
-Read some comic books
-Play with marbles
-Laugh out loud
-Play cards
-Blow bubbles with a bubble gum
-Go shop for a really cool book

and some stupid/silly/funny/weird ones:
-Cut out photos and paste them on Popsicle sticks and have a puppet show
-Pretend that you are not bored
-Spin until you're dizzy
-Stand on your head
-Learn to peel a banana with your feet
-Dress in something silly and laugh at yourself
-Write your name in permanent marker on all your underwear
Eat 6 spoon full of sugar, a soda, and another think that makes you hyper and then you won't be bored anymore, you will end up finding something to do

and if you're really REALLY bored:
-Have a staring contest with yourself in the mirror
-Let a helium balloon float up to your ceiling and throw things at it to pop it
-Lay a long straight line of masking tape on the floor. Now spin around really fast then try walking on the masking tape.
-Pronounce your friends names. backwards
-Sit at your desk with your left arm sticking out until it goes numb
-Watch 101 Dalmatians and see if they really show 101 Dalmatians
-Make faces at strangers to make them laugh

these i like:
-Call a wrong number and talk to whoever answers.
-Find an address to your favorite famous person and write them a letter. See if they write you back
-Plan a journey (i may just go do that soon)
-Rent some fun movies (this too)
-Take one hundred dollars out of the bank and spend it all on yourself
-Write out ten things that make you happy - then do one of them
-Bring dog treats to the park and meet 25 new dogs
-Watch kids play - and then join in

lol. how do i know i'm really bored?
'Make a big list of fun things to do' was one of them in the list. and which is what i just did here -.-

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

whee chalet was fun! i LOVED the overnight biking! though it was like damn tiring and painful for the thighs and especially the butts LOL.

14 of us with 13 bikes (one double bike), set off at 915pm to pasir ris park, but that was a waste cos we had absolutely no idea where to go or where we should be heading. in the end we hit a stupid dead end -.- and had to go back to downtown again.

finally when we decided where we should go, go we set off, at 945pm. we were headed for DHS CAMPUS @ TANJONG RHU! so we cycled through pasir ris park, then through pasir ris town park, then over the overhead bridge to tampines with the nice night view overlooking the TPE. cycled through tampines sun plaza park?

anyway, after that, the real 'fun' began. we ran out of parks to cycle through, so we cycled next to the roads. we were actually following the bus 12 route -.- cross TPJC, NAS, into simei, melville park where i almost lost my slipper crossing the road, expo, ITE, tanah merah MRT, into bedok through casafina, then through the scary underpass at 12mn and onto the highway to ECP.

on the highway, a problem occured with zhiyi's bike, the gears came loose. so there we were, stalled for the moment at 12.11am next to the highway -.- can you imagine the scene, you're driving home and you see 13 bikes and 14 people on the highway LOL. dont even talk about the highway, even on the roadside, 13 bikes cycling in a row late in the night hahaha.

ok after weihong managed to fix the bike, we reached ECP!! whoa you cant believe how relieved i felt after we could cycle on smooth roads you know for sure are for bicycles. LOL. cos cycling on roadsides with 13 bikes is SERIOUSLY DANGEROUS AND SCARY. especially crossing roads at traffic junctions and ESPECIALLY WITH A DOUBLE BIKE! LOL.

riding through ECP was a breeze. we reached ECP macs at 1245 to meet geokfen. we slacked there for a while, ate and drank coffee. then the rest went on to cycle to tanjong rhu but me prida and cheryl decided to stay and watch the things. it was just an excuse to stay haha, cos my thighs were seriously killing me! i dont know why but it's never hurt that much before. even after the time when i was racing with 2G people and i cycled more than half of ECP in 15mins, that didnt ache as much as this.

so we stayed there and talked. until an hour later the rest came back. we stayed on at macs and me, kiayi, geokfen, wansi and shenmei and a nice weird interesting chat about random stuff in the playground LOL. i drank one more cup of coffee and ate breakfast, and then we set off again at 545am.

this time we decided, no more roads. so we cycled the safe route, through all the park connectors. cycled to the end of ECP, then through changi park connector which was a 7.9km long straight road, and i mean STRAIGHT. and it was right next to the airport runway! haha.

at the end of it came the changi beach park connector, the place where we ran for marathon this year. OMG I LOVE THESE 2 PARKS! partly cos it was 6-7am when we rode there. the sun was just about to come up, the grass all covered in morning dew, the air so fresh and cooling PLUS we were cylcing through the breezy air. what a way to relax and enjoy the end of a school year isnt it.

but after those two parks came torture again. the loyang connector. after changi village we cycled past aloha changi chalets, the old changi hospital, and then into loyang itself but next to roads again, though this time there was a distinct and separate path, a smoother one, for bikes. but the worst thing was A HUGE PART OF IT WAS UPSLOPE!!! omg talk about straining the thigh muscles. in the end when we were nearing pasir ris most of us had already given up, gotten off our bikes and wheeled it uphill. but then after all hardwork, we did get our 'rewards'. after the upslope came a long long way that DOWNSLOPE! ahaha we then got on again and it was freefall all the way for the next 2mins. then we're back in downtown again at 8.45am.

we went back to the bike rental shop to return them but it wasnt open yet, so we just slacked at the beach for the next hour -.- ooh, and by the end of it my thighs surprisingly didnt hurt at all anymore. though my butt still did. everyone's did -.-

so in total, it was 7 hours of riding over a 12 hour period. we were truly crazy.

we didnt even rest much after that. we carried on and went to wild wild wet for 3 hours hahaha.

stayed for the next night as well, though i might as well have gone home cos i stupid slept at 1030pm -.- and it was a repeat of last year's chalet. omg i seriously am a super heavy and deep sleeper man. last year, i could just pull up 2 cushions, lay it down behind the rest of the people who were playing kungfu chaos on the Xbox and screaming at the top of their lungs throughout the night, and SLEEP SOUNDLY until the next morning when most of them had already left for breakfast at macs without even waking me up. and i really did not hear a single thing when i was sleeping, nothing woke me up, not even the screams and shouts of 7 people.

and this year! we were watching ghost whisperer and i fell asleep on the mattress and didnt wake up until 7am the next morning. and guess what happened throughout that night? LIAN LAO SHI CAME TO VISIT AND I SLEPT THROUGH IT! no one bloody woke me up! the class took photos with him IN THE SAME ROOM and i was sleeping at the corner! after he left they continued to play on the two sets of DDR, again making a hell lot of noise, yet I WAS SOUNDLY ASLEEP AT THE CORNER! rarr. i really shouldnt have called my mother to turn back home can. she was already on the way to pick me up that night lah.

bleargh. anyway, considering i woke up at 720am on thurs, and only slept at 1030pm on sat, that means i didnt sleep for about 39hours! damn, 1 more hour and it could have been 40. anyway, it was a good attempt. hahaha.

anyway, here's some photos of the bike trip (:

on the overhead bride to tampines.

at macs.


all of us at the start of the 7.9km changi connector.

i just love this spastic photo. LOL.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

let me show you the coolest picture.

this is seriously damn cool lah! haha though it makes it difficult to differentiate who you're talking to on multiple conversations -.- but doesnt matter, cos its too cool! LOL.

and according to leon, apparently this..

he thought was a smiling Obama, until i told him that was ME! T.T LOL. ok nevermind, i shall take it as a compliment cos he's cute. and he's the new president :D man, do i really look like politicians? with my specs on and fringe down, my family says i look like Palin. O.o

WHEE! do you realise that finally for once we dont have anymore things to worry about?! what with HCL Os over and everything else also over.. WE'RE FREE WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED!! ahem except for a certain commonwealth essay. but other than that, we only have things to look forward to, and not dread about!!! YAY!!! never thought i could feel this relieved one day.

yay tomorrow is class chalet! i dunno what we're gonna do, but i know its nothing we need brains for. LOL. and we're going BIKING!! me and kiayi are gonna bike down from her house to costa sands to check in, and we're going night biking! that's if i still have the energy for it tmr night..

cos today was the earliest i ever woke up this year, at 5.20am. now it's 2am and i'm not even remotely sleepy. i'll have to be at kiayi's by 8am tmr, which means i hardly have 5 hours to sleep. and then i'm gonna have to last for another hmm.. 24-36 hours or more? O.O

that's gonna beat my record of a lousy 24hour.



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